See both XC & Thermal Courses in Bassano del Grappa, mix of mountains and flatland flying
Probably the most impressive accessible terrain in the World
XC Courses and Tours in Greifenburg, Drautal
Summer long Thermal courses in Ultra reliable Bassano del Grappa

welcome to Austrian arena online 2017 - BASSANO DEL GRAPPA - DOLOMITES - greifenburg

austrian arena 2017 - season 16

Fly the most reliable & accessible XC areas in Austria & Italy with us.

We've been in the heart of the Alps since 1995.

Offering Paragliding Courses & Holidays to pilots wishing to confidently plan and safely fly XC routes in the Alps.

Also for pilots wishing to learn how to efficiently master thermal and mapping techniques, the corner stone of any successful XC flight.

So many thanks for stopping by our website & hopefully within it you'll find out why choosing us will enable you to fly longer, higher and further than you thought possible before.

Whether you are a hobby pilot looking for some help with your thermaling skills or a seasoned XC pilot wishing to learn how to safely maximize the day & more importantly your precious time away from work.

We are proudly in our 16th season Coaching & Guiding pilots safely in our back garden, the Alps. So you can be sure that you're flying the right place at the right time.

Rest assured that no one has more experience coaching & guiding pilots around the Austrian and Italian Alps.

Joining one of our courses will help pilots develop the skills needed to fly routes safely and confidently through the Alps.

It's not just guess work or black magic when the experts fly huge routes in this complex system of valleys and mountains.

Learn the theory, stay safe & expand your goals... Beyond Guiding

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Austrian Arena

our 'pure xc' courses - by location

Kick off your season in one of the most reliable places to fly paragliders in Europe, Bassano del Grappa in the Italian Pre-Alps.

This area is a very friendly yet rewarding mix of Alpine and flat-land flying. Great food and a hotel on the LZ.
It get's no better, a real flying holiday/course.

This is truly an amazing place. It has an Ultra-protected micro-climate. Biggest hit rate of all our areas, it seems to be last to close out when bad weather arrives and first to come on!

Challenging routes in all directions normally involve fast-flowing lines and huge low-save potential. Our Area here has grown as our knowledge has grown.

This is one of the places I have learnt to love the most. That is why we run trips here all season long now, find out why...

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In 2013 we started offering Greifenburg in Kärnten, Southern Austria, to our pallet. Being on the South Side of the Alps it enjoys a better climate and more flyable days then it's Northern counterparts.

Long unbroken ridges enable pilots to fly very far and average speeds are naturally fast. Short glides between thermals with very short crossings.

The Austrian League fly this area more than any other in Austria due to both it's reliability and it's amazing XC potential.

We are very excited to offer these XC courses, a stepping stone to learn the concepts needed to fly safely in the Alps. Suitable for pilots with enough thermaling experience to help push their limits and knowledge safely. While always having safe landing options in the wide grassy valley below, not a dust devil in sight...

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Why not round off your flying season with a journey through the Dolomites in Autumn. This place has to be flown to be believed.

Long, stunning XC routes around the Val di Fassa leading to our goal, the Queen of the Dolomites, the Marmolada.

The last few years we've had some of the most memorable flying in this amazing area. Contact us early as these weeks fill fast.

For experienced pilots only - Big Terrain and pack lots of stamina, you'll need it...

From 2017 these incredibe 'XC Tours' will only be available to pilots who are known to us or have a strong CV of mountain flying. Please note this 'XC tour' is NOT an XC course and we expect pilots.

We recommend pilots wishing to fly here should first learn the basics with us in Bassano & Greifenburg first. This place is that serious. Thanks...

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our thermaling & 'XC lite' courses - bassano del grappa

If you want to learn how to fly cross-country, first you'll need to learn to thermal. Improve your thermaling technique with us with easy to understand theory & concepts, plus simple radio instructions. Much of the concepts can be found in our book 'Mastering Paragliding'. Learn these techniques first hand.

Our Summer long thermaling courses are run back to back with a "XC-lite" routes. Great way to practice the theory, so after smoothly linking turns under our guidance it's time to start linking thermals on short, rewarding and achievable routes.

We offer Thermaling courses in Bassano del Grappa. A great way to improve your technique and have fun learning with other pilots. The first step to becoming a competent XC pilot.

Time to stop learning from "100hr experts". Learn the concepts and progression will follow faster than you imagined. Stop wasting precious time in the beginning of your career.

Find out why these courses have turned into our most popular weeks.

Simply put: Pilots see the results themselves in a very short time.

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Bassano del Grappa, Italy

Bassano XC £399
Thermal & XC lite £399

Dolomites, Italy

Dolomites XC Tour £549

Drautal Courses, S. Austria

Greifenburg XC £399

All Prices above are Excluding Accommodation.
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